Turning Leg Caddy Rental

Turning Leg Caddy Rental
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Product Description

Product Description RAMM TLC’s Tacoma model is our workhorse Turning Leg Caddy. With easy-turn steering, locking hand brake, thick knee pads and large 8” inch wheels, the Tacoma is your solution to maintaining independence and mobility. Available in Blue or Black and in two heights: Standard 4’11” to 5’10” and Tall 5’8” to 6’6”. Plus the convenience of a folding telescoping handlebar mast for easy vehicle transport.

The Turning Leg Caddy® is a steerable patient-powered knee scooter designed for people who must remain non-weight bearing due to injury, wound recovery or surgery.

Turning Leg Caddy's are offered for a minimum 1 week rental. They are a great solution for injuries to the foot or ankle. A solid alternative to crutches! Can accommodate either right or left leg.

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